Pet Sitting~Home Visits 

Weekend getaway, spring break, holiday, or vacation?

We have got you and your pets covered! ~ $20 per visit


Benefits to you and your pets include:


  • Staying at home in their safe, secure environment

  • Following their regular diet and exercise routine

  • Enjoying play time and personal attention

  • Maintaining routine medical treatment, when required

  • Professional service available in case of an emergency

  • Knowing that your pet is in professional, compassionate care

  • Eliminating the stress of travel or an unfamiliar environment

  • Not having to impose on family, friends, or neighbors

  • Maintaining pet's good health, no exposure to other animals' illnesses or behaviors

  • Having the confidence that WC Pets will deal with emergencies- such as pet health or weather conditions

  • Your home is more secure and maintained as I will be going in and out several times a day to care for your pets. I will also be retrieving your mail, watering plants, etc.              


A base pet sitting fee is $20.00 per visit. To offer proper care, I require a minimum of 3 visits per day if pet parent is to be gone for 24 hours or more. Total fees are based on number of daily visits, number of pets, services to be completed, time of visits, and location of your home.

Mid-day Health and Well-Being Walk

30 minute walk ~ $20

1 hour walk ~ $40

Benefits include:

  • Decrease excess energy, anxiety, and weight

  • Exercise to increase health and well-being

  • Providing play time and socialization

  • No need to rush home to walk your dog

  • Come rain or shine, I will be there

  • No more guilty feeling leaving your dogs alone 

Pet Taxi ~  

Safe transport to vet, groomer, or other appointments ~ $15 Base Fee

Your pet will be safely transported to their appointment. Whether it's doggie daycare, grooming, canine dental cleaning, veterinarian, or obedience training I will get them there with the greatest of care. Day of the week, time of transport, number of pets, and distance from your home will determine the trip fees. A $15 base fee for the pick up and drop off of one pet within 5 miles or less of your home. A return visit to pick up your pet and transport them home will be an additional fee of $10. A "take and stay" can be arranged. I can pick up your pet, transport to the service provider, wait for your pet's service to be completed, then transport home.                 

Give me a call for availability. A minimum one week advanced scheduling is advised.

Dog Handler ~ Weddings and Special Occasions

$75 per hour 

If you have a special occasion coming up and want your four legged friend

by your side, we can help!

Benefits to you and your dog/s:

  • They will be transported separately so that you arrive dog hair free.

  • They will be walked before and during the event, in appropriate areas at appropriate times.

  • They will have constant care to ensure they don't become overwhelmed, jump on guests, or eat things they should not.

  • They can be transported back home at your discretion, you don't have to leave the event earlier than you wish to get your four legged bestie home to that huge bone you left by his dish.


This service requires a Meet & Greet with a walk, ensuring I will have a good working relationship with your dog.

       Scheduling at least 30 days in advance is advised.

Abigail Lee ~ Owner

Licensed, Certified, Insured 

WA State Patrol Check

References available 



Area of Service ~Bellingham, WA

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